Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Everyone ELSE is fat. Not MEEEEEEEE!!!

After yesterday's news, this caught my eye. How typically American.

"90% of Americans see others as overweight, but only 39% consider themselves overweight."

Just how stupid are we, really? I mean, really? I realize this is the typical over-confidence bias inherent in much of human thought and perception. But people, puh-leez. It's one thing when everyone considers themselves an "above average" driver. It's kinda hard to measure, yes? But come on. When you're fat, you're fat. Guess what? Can't see your feet without leaning forward? You're FAT! Keep having to buy bigger clothes sizes? You're FAT! You can't hide it. Is there a fat equivalent of a comb-over?

This reminds me of the comedy club scene in the Eddie Murphy remake of the Nutty Professor. "Your momma's so fat, her belt size is equator!" Don't get me started.

Sometimes I think this country, this race, is doomed.

How depressing. Better go hit the gym - that makes everything look better, and at least you won't be fat...

Talk less, sweat more.


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